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École Sydenham Community School has just become an associate member of the Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) organization. A new chapter of CPF will be formed at Sydenham in the New Year (2014). We encourage all parents to follow the link to learn more about the benefits of becoming a CPF member. Approximately 2/3 of your member dues come right back to our chapter to be used for French language programming, events and cultural experiences in our own community. You will also find resources to support ASSISTING WITH FRENCH HOMEWORK, ONLINE FRENCH RESOURCES, and more...

FSL Resource for parents and students in Ontario

created by the Rainbow District School Board

Language Portal of Canada

TFO (Ontario's French language television network and multimedia provider)
 (learn about science) (play games and listen to stories) (join characters in games, stories and activities) (play games and increase vocabulary) (listen to an interactive story) (play a memory game) (play on iceburgs and learn about the arctic) (send your drawings to TFO)

check out (choose jeunesse for children's programming)

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