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Welcome to École Sydenham Community School
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Principal's Message from Mme K. Spragg

We are heading into the month of February, just having crossed the midway point of the year.  At Sydenham, we will not only be welcoming cupid on the 14th with Valentines and classroom parties, we will also be sending home the First Term Report Cards on the 20th; presenting French speeches on the 23rd in preparation for Bluewater Concours, Wednesday, March 25th, at the board office in Chesley; both girls' and boys' basketball season will continue and Students' Council, students, and the staff will be enjoying the cold weather and snow through a Winter Carnival--date to be announced.    A special thank you to the School Community Council for supporting the purchase of new chairs for the intermediate classrooms.  Also, a thank you to Jody Cressman and Rachel Taylor for decorating the front hallway in preparation for Valentine's Day.   

What the teachers are thinking about:
Two professional learning groups are currently taking place at Sydenham this winter.  One group is examining critical literacy with an initial focus on inferencing.  Stating that inferring is “reading between the lines” does not unlock for students the skills that good readers use to understand clues, bias, and offer supported predictions.  Check out
Staff are also involved in building open-ended problems in the math classroom.  This is an inquiry-based focus to learning which allows educators to discover what knowledge students bring to each new learning goal.  Teachers are then better able to design guided learning opportunities for students.

National Pink T-shirt Day
Wed February 25 is our next Virtues assembly and it will also be Pink T-Shirt day to align with National Pink t-shirt day. A large part of the focus on this day will be linking our virtues to being an Upstander.  The link below will provide some details about Pink t-shrit day if you are interested.  Lisa's class has made a video about standing up which we will be showing at the assembly.  If you and your class would like to contribute to the assembly in some way, please let me know.  

To gear up for our Pink day, the Owen Sound Attack will be visiting the school on Tuesday Feb. 24 to talk to students in grade 4-8 about Sportsmanship.  More details to follow.    


An aerial view of Sydenham Community School
thanks to Petal Furness for the picture

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