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Welcome to École Sydenham Community School
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Sydenham School’s Annual
Dance-a-thon Fundraiser
April 10th, 2015
Fundraising for Gym Improvements!
Thank You for Supporting Physical Activity!!
Everyone gets AT LEAST 1 Glow Stick
Prizes for $10 and up!!
(in increments of $10!)
Students with $100 or more in donations are
in for a special treat!
Pledge Form is in the Resources Section of the Website (under School Links).
Form is also available under School News.  


Parent Information Night Regarding the Retention of the Intermediate French Immersion Students at Sydenham on Wednesday, March 25th from 5:30 to 6:30 pm in the Music Room.   SCC will meet in the staff room right after our information meeting.  

Sydenham Tiger Ski Team
                                                352015_102906_1.jpg We are Proud!            

Principal's Message from Mme Spragg
clip_image002.jpgclip_image004.jpgclip_image006.jpg  Twin Day

March brings the hope of spring or at least temperatures that at some point will go above zero.  Sydenham students are excited about the fast-approaching March Break.  But before we have a break  to spend time with family and friends, students will be participating in Science Fair on the 12th,  Electives (grades 5-8) such as curling and a movie,  skating, and continuing Basketball and Ski season.  Like the twin day and red, white, and pink days that we enjoyed in February, students will continue to have fun through pajama day and a funny hat and bright colour day.  
With reports having gone out at the end of February, many of you may be considering your child’s achievement.  One of the largest impacts on students’ achievement is time spent reading to your child.  Research indicates that this time spent nurturing a love of books can boost a child’s achievement by six months.  Students feel more confident in their ability to engagement in school.  I encourage you to not only read to your children but to discuss with your children how they feel about the characters, what they think is going to happen next, and themes of their favourite books.    


Sydenham Concours
On February 23, 2015, we held our annual Concours Sydenham.  This is the presentation of French speeches.   This year, we had three categories represented.  The first category was Core French.  We had three competitors in this division.  First place went to Carley McCoy who spoke on the topic of learning French.  Second place was Brooke Byers who spoke on herself.  Third place went to Kaydee Byers who spoke on her life.  
The second category was extended French.  Ava Guindon placed first in this category with her speech on Jane Goodall.  
The final category was French Immersion.  Johnathon Coffey placed first with his speech on Le Commerce Equitable  (Fairtrade), a special program to help cocoa farmers.  Ginny Frook was second with her speech on La grippe.
 Ava, Johnathon and Ginny will represent Sydenham at the Board level Concours March 25, 2015.  The alternate will be Jasmine Walsh who spoke on La Mythologie Grecque.  Other competitors in the Immersion division were Alex Scheifele (La Pesanteur), Rebecca Schmitke (L’adoption de son frère chinois), and Kieran Wright (La musique).  
“Félicitations” to all competitors for a job well done!   

clip_image04.jpgclip_image05.jpg  Speeches at Sydenham

An aerial view of Sydenham Community School
thanks to Petal Furness for the picture

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Wed, Apr 1
Regional Science Fair
9:00 AM-10:00 AM : Field Trip: Swim to Survive, 3/4, Veroni
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