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Welcome to École Sydenham Community School
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clip_image04.pngPrincipal and Vice-Principal’s  Message

We are officially at the halfway point of the school year which means report cards.  Term one report cards will be going home on Friday, February 24th.  Remember that there is no set date for parent teacher interviews following these report cards; however, if you have any concerns, you are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher to arrange for an interview.

Sydenham is offering electives for the first time.  Electives will be taking place every Thursday afternoon in the month of February with such amazing offerings as skiing, cooking, curling, skating and  swimming.  A huge thank you to Bridey McCartney who organized this opportunity for students from grades 4-8. 

We are excited to begin the skiing and basketball season for students.  The Nordic Ski team is competing at Sawmill Trails on Monday, February 13th.   Both the girls’ and boys’ intermediate basketball teams are practicing in preparation for the Regional Tournaments.

A reminder that School Community Council is meeting on Wednesday, February 8th in the Core French Room, room 7.   Bayview will be joining Sydenham parents as we discuss our plans for the new building. 

The combined Bayview/Sydenham School Naming Committee met on January 23rd and arrived unanimously at a name to submit to the Board of Trustees at the end of February.  The name will be released through a press release shortly after the board meeting.  A sincere thank you to all the parents and students who took part in the committee.  A big thank you to  the co-chairs, Allison Kuhl and Rhonda Hambly.  

On February 28th, the Ned Show will be visiting Sydenham Community school.  This is a character education program that is free to the school through pay-it-forward sales.  More details are available on page 6 of the newsletter. 

When students understand mathematics, they are equipped with knowledge they can bring to every aspect of their lives. Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math is a tool kit for parents. It provides modules with simple, but effective methods and materials for parents. It shows you how to get involved in your children's learning, and offers guidance for working with students of different ages.

This Parent Tool Kit was developed by experts in mathematics education, with input and advice from parents and students. When families and educators join forces, students of all ages can experience greater success in their learning.

HATS for HOMES20170123_110943_0.png

This Thursday will be our first Hats for Homes day.  Allison Kuhl's grade 6/7 French Immersion class, in partnership with Mr. Avery's grade 1 FI class, will be coming around to collect funds for a fundraiser. Here's how it works: if a student brings in $1 they may wear a hat during the school day on Thursday. All money raised will go to support community initiatives in Owen Sound, with a different charity benefiting each month. We will aim to do the fundraiser in the last week of each month.  

French Storytime.jpg

Sydenham's 50th Anniversary


Bus Buzz - February


Bus Cancellationsgo to and click on “Delays & Cancellations” (top right corner)

Winter School Bus Safety Tips

·         Allow extra time to get to your bus stop.
·         Wear bright clothing so the bus can see you in the early morning and late evening.
·         Stand away from where the bus stops. Buses need extra room to stop when there is snow and ice.
·         Dress properly. Winter clothing, hats, and boots will keep you warm.
·         Don´t play in the snow while waiting for the bus. Don´t throw snowballs at the bus or anyone else.
·         Don´t slide on the snow or ice patches in driveways or on the street. You could slide under the wheel of the bus and get hurt.
·         Don´t push or shove around the bus. Someone could fall down on the ice and get hurt.
·         Hands should be kept to yourself at all times while riding on the bus. Fighting and picking on others creates a dangerous bus ride. 

More information regarding school bus transportation can be found at


 French Immersion Homework Support!

A reminder that French Immersion students in Bluewater District School Board will have access to the Universalis Online Encyclopedias for the 2016/17  academic year. Universalis Junior is designed to support students from Grades 3 to 8. Universalis Senior is best suited to students in Grades 7 to 12. These sites provide students with excellent resources to support students with projects and research on a range of curriculum areas. The Junior version has the added benefit that it can read the text aloud to the student if required. These can be accessed at home 24/7 using the following links and login information.

Universalis Junior:
Universalis Senior:

Username: bwdsb    Password: bluewater

School Day begins—8:50 AM
(Reminder that outside supervision for students
does not begin until 8:30 AM)
1st Nutrition Break - 10:30 to 10:50 AM (intermediate)
1st Nutrition Break—11:10 AM to 11:50 AM (primary/junior)
2nd Nutrition Break—1:10 PM to 1:50PM
Dismissal—3:10 PM


Looking to get involved and volunteer?  Want to help make the school even Better for our kids?  Then The School Community Council (SCC) is a great place to start!!  
We are a group of parents that work together to make Sydenham School a great place for our kids to grow!!  Whether you want to be regularly involved or available on an “as needed” basis we’d love to have you! 
Our next meeting of the year is Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 6:30-8pm in the Core French Room (#7)  (down the Junior/Intermediate Hallway, first door on the right).

Please join us to learn more about how you can make a difference!

Looking forward to a Great 2016/17 year


We take our responsibility for students seriously.   Therefore, we ask that you please call the school before 8:50 AM if your child will be absent or late.  You may leave a message if calling before 8:30 AM.  If we have not heard from you or your child before 8:50 AM, we will make every effort to contact you.  Thank you for your support in keeping your children safe!

An aerial view of Sydenham Community School
thanks to Petal Furness for the picture

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